Professional, warm, friendly service

Professional Services

Omorogbe Brothers Inc. delivers consulting and professional services that encompass the entire IT stack. We have the proven expertise from world class companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Thales, Blackberry and HydroOne.

Website Design

Creating professional and captivating websites is our specialty. Our flexible team of designers and developers create websites that are inspired by both art and science.

Tech Education

We work with you to develop a training plan that encompasses all of your technology training needed and coordinate the actual delivery of the training.

Confident & Efficient

Our goal is to educate our clients, providing high quality and efficient services. We’re here to support you as your trusted tech specailist.

State of the Art

We’ve equipped our consultants with state-of-the-art technology! Comfortable, clean, friendly, efficient & effective services – plus ten years of experience on our side.

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